LOVE SUCKS | It´s a wrap

01.11.2023, 15:02

©ZDF / Frank Dicks










Shooting of upcoming Vampire series completed:

In the middle of a carnival boxing stall, Ben (Damian Hardung) crosses the path of prizefighter Zelda (Havanna Joy Josephine Braun).
With a quick hook, Zelda sends the stunned Ben to the canvas – only to realize shortly afterwards that they are connected in a truly extraordinary way: through true, absolute love.
But there is something else that connects the two lovers. A dark secret that turns their families into bitter enemies. Against all odds, Ben and Zelda choose to fight for their love.


Heaven & Earth – Небо та Земля 💙💛

26.01.2023, 16:41

We are pleased to announce that this project, which we love so much, has been nominated for the Grimme Award 2023.

Ukrainian filmmakers share stories of Ukranians in Germany in five episodes.
This anthology series was created in 2022 for ZDFneo within 6 months.
The series is currently still available in the ZDF media library and will be shown at the Filmfestival Max Ophuels Preis



Broadcast Note | New Work on Air

11.10.2022, 09:54

©ZDF Oliver Feist

JENSEITS DER SPREE | Crime Series | Season 2
new episodes now available in the ZDF Media Library

Christoph Ischinger
Ziska Riemann
Marcus Ulbricht

Lasse Scharpen
Moritz Mihm

Jürgen Vogel
Aybi Era
Elisabeth Baulitz
Oleg Tikhomirov
Seyneb Saleh
Lea Zoe Voss
Bella Bading
Luna Jordan
Anne Müller
Ceci Chuh
Jale Arikan

Fabian Hinrichs
Max Krause
Fine Sendel
Katrin Wichmann
Dominic Raacke
Christian Bergmann
Alexander Hörbe
Laura Tonke
Nina Kronjäger
Sohel Altan Gol




Broadcast Note | Feature Film | Martha Liebermann – A Stolen Life

10.10.2022, 09:15

Martha Liebermann ©ARD/Stanislav Honzik

Feature Film | Martha Liebermann – A Stolen Life
Winner Golden Nymph Award | Festival de Television Monte-Carlo
Best Film 2022 and Best Actress 2022 Thekla Carola Wied
First broadcast today 10.10.2022 at 8:15 pm on ARD and available in the ARD ARD media library
Director: Stefan Bühling
Production: Ziegler Film, MIA Film
Thekla Carola Wied
Lana Cooper
Franz Hartwig
Rüdiger Vogler
Wanja Mues
Fritzi Haberlandt
Johanna Polley
Vladimir Korneev
Daniel Noel Fleischmann
Arnd Klawitter
Katinka Auberger
Sebastian Weiss
Jörg Westphal


Broadcast Note | New Work on Air

17.09.2022, 11:53



German Thriller Series HÖLLGRUND now available in the ARD Media Library.

Created by: Marc O. Seng
Studio Zentral
Lasse Scharpen
Hannes Höhn

Lea Becker
Hanno Olderdissen

Lou Strenger
August Wittgenstein
Jonathan Tittel
Alissa Atanassova
Nicki von Tempelhoff
Ulrike C. Tscharre
Andreas Anke
Heiner Lauterbach
Joy Maria Bai
Michaela Caspar
Jakob Geßner
Guido Renner
Heiner Hardt
Michael Stange
Vanessa Montserrat
Maximilian Diehle
Sabrina Caramanna
Irina Schneider
Hanna Bauer

Start of production for “Himmel & Erde – Небо та Земля”

12.07.2022, 18:03

Ukrainian filmmakers are working on a new instant series for ZDF Neo and ZDF’s Mediathek.

The five-part anthology series will be filmed in Berlin until the end of July and all episodes are scheduled to be available in the ZDF Mediathek from 06.10.2022.

Production company:
Studio Zentral

Executive Producer:
Lasse Scharpen
Lucas Schmidt
Maximilian Fraenkel

Nikita Gibalenko
Maryna Vroda
Daria Onyshchenko
Tatjana Moutchnik

Nikita Gibalenko
Maria Bruni
Daria Onyshchenko
Tatjana Moutchnik
Pavlo Voytovych

Vova (Volodymyr) Ivanov
Anna Vialova
Svetlana Aparina

Casting Director:
Ana Dávila

Kate Molchanova
Thea Rasche
Maria Shtofa
Oleksandra Barstok
Rostyslav Bome
Birte Schnöink
Valeriia Berezovska
Arthur Aliyev
Anna Cheban
Nina Nizheradze
Anna Böger
Franz Liebig
Alina Sokhna Mbaye
Heiko Pinkowski
Benny O. Arthur
Matti Schmidt-Schaller
Walid Al-Atiyat

Two Golden Nymph Awards for Martha Liebermann

12.07.2022, 16:00


celebrated its international premiere on 20.06 at the festival de Television in Monte-Carlo,
winning the Golden Nymph Award 2022 for BEST FILM and BEST ACTRESS for Thekla Carola Wied.

The film competed in the category Fiction with productions from Spain, Hungary, Norway, the USA, Great Britain and Italy.
Production: Ziegler Film GmbH & Co. KG, MIA Film , ARD Degeto & ARD
Executive producer: Regina Ziegler
Directed by Stefan Bühling
DOP: Jan Prahl
Producer: Tillman Geithe
Written by Marco Rossi
Casting by Ana Dávila

Thekla Carola Wied
Lana Cooper
Franz Hartwig
Wanja Mues
Fritzi Haberlandt
Rüdiger Vogler
Johanna Polley
Daniel Noel Fleischmann
Arnd Klawitter
Vladimir Korneev
Katinka Auberger
Sebastian Weiss
Joerg Westphal

Successful German TV Series LIEBE.JETZT! Season 2 will be on air soon

27.11.2020, 14:11

6 new stories about love in the time of Corona will be released on November 29th 2020 on ZDFneo.

Studio Zentral | ZDFneo
Lasse Scharpen
Lucas Schmidt
Darina Seng
Maren Schmitt

Christina Ebelt
Philipp Eichholtz
Maryam Zaree
Alexander Lindh

Dela Dabulamanzi
Steffen Münster
Maryam Zaree
Kirsten Block
David Brizzi
Dennis Didinger
Sebastian Fräsdorf
Heiner Hardt
Timo Jacobs
Úna Lir
Leonard Scheicher
Lea Zoe Voss
Daniel Zillmann
Knut Berger
Roland Berger
Christina Große
Pascal Houdus
Martina Schöne Radunski
Nicole Johannhanwahr

Broadcast Note | New Work on Air

25.09.2020, 13:50

TV Movie Thriller IM ABGRUND (Official Selection Munich Filmfestival 2020)
will be released on 26. September 2020 on German broadcaster ARD, 8.15 pm.

Dir.: Stefan Bühling
Written by: Arndt Stüwe
Produktion: Björn Vosgerau, Uwe Kolbe, Daniel Hartmann (Wüste Medien GmbH)

Peter Kurth
Tobias Moretti
Tinka Fürst
Simon Schwarz
Florian Stetter

Jessica McIntyre
Odine Johne
Jan Krauter
Alexander Merbeth
Florian Reiners
Irene Rindje
and many more

Liebe.Jetzt! Coming Soon

27.04.2020, 14:18

Coming very soon. New German TVSeries LIEBE.JETZT!
6 stories about love in quarantine times will be released on May 3rd 2020 on ZDFneo.

Studio Zentral | ZDFneo
Lasse Scharpen
Lucas Schmidt
Darina Seng

Directed by Pola Beck and Tom Lass

Dela Dabulamanzi
Nina Gummich
Maryam Zaree
Marie Burchard
Natalia Belitski
Sebastian Schwarz
Isabel Thierauch
Jürgen Vogel
Lea Zoe Voss
Aleksandar Jovanovic
Sarina Radomski
Clelia Sarto
Leonard Scheicher
Mehmet Ateşçi
Kara Schröder
Bernhard Schütz
Caroline Erikson
Leon Ullrich
Sarah Bauerett
Anja Karmanski
Antonia Breidenbach
Tibor Locher
Lara-Sophie Milagro

Broadcast Note | New Work on Air

22.04.2020, 13:30

German TV Miniseries „Deutscher“ will be released on 28.4.2020 on ZDFneo.
All episodes can be streamed from April 25th 2020 on

Bantry Bay Productions | ZDF neo | Redaktion Das kleine Fernsehspiel
Lasse Scharpen
Gerda Müller
Jochen Cremer

Directed by Simon Ostermann and Sophie Linnenbaum

Milena Dreißig
Thorsten Merten
Meike Droste
Felix Knopp
Johannes Geller
Paul Sundheim
Lara Aylin Winkler
Atheer Adel
Tabea Bettin
Karoline Bär
Michael Lott
Julia Schmitt
Christian Hockenbrink
Junis Marlon
Jule Gartzke
Erdal Gürcü
Volkan Isbert
Rojan Barani
Bill Becker
Patrick Mölleken
Gabriele Schulze
and many more

17.02.2020, 10:08


DEINE FARBE (YOUR COLOR), after its premiere at the Hofer Filmtage 2019 is now on tour:

Vegas Movie Awards 2020 | Official Selection
Diorama Film Festival New Delhi 2020 | Competition International Feature Films


Jannik Schümann
Nyamandi Adrian
Juan Lo Sasso
Anna Bullard
Maria Dragus
Ruby O. Fee
Romina Küper
Naomi Krauss
Kristina van Eyck
Kelly O’Donohue
Julia Titze

Director: Maria Diane Ventura
Screenplay: Maria Diane Ventura, Hella Wenders
Producer: Maria Diane Ventura, Chloe Reisen, Kirill Krasovsky
Director of Photography: Hilarion Banks
Art Direction: Chloe Reisen
Casting: Ana Dávila
Editor: Luca Lucchesi

It’s a wrap!

12.12.2019, 14:45

photo: Boris Laewen

Shooting of thriller drama “Im Abgrund” (WT) completed.
Director:  Stefan Bühling
Production: Wüste Medien / ARD Degeto
Starring Peter Kurth, Tobias Moretti, Simon Schwarz, Tinka Fürst
with Florian Stetter, Odine Johne, Irene Rindje, Jan Krauter, Jessica McIntyre and many others

Feature Film DEINE FARBE to premiere at Filmfestival Hof in Germany, 25th October 2019

24.10.2019, 16:30

Feature film | USA/D | 2019
91 min | Dolby 5.1

Director: Maria Diane Ventura
Cinematographer: Hilarion Banks
Prod: Dvent Productions [us], Faktura Film GmbH [de]

Starring Jannik Schümann and  Nyamandi Adrian
with Maria Dragus, Romina Küper, Juan Carlos Lo Sasso, Ruby O. Fee, Anna Bullard, Naomi Krauss and many others



HANNA Season 1 | coming soon

25.03.2019, 13:55

HANNA follows the journey of an extraordinary young girl raised in the forest, as she evades the relentless pursuit of an off-book CIA agent and tries to unearth the truth behind who she is.
Series premiere March 29, 2019 on AMAZON PRIME.

Directed by Jon Jones, Sarah Adina Smith, Anders Engström, Amy Neil
Casting by Shaheen Baig Casting.
German Casting by Ana Dávila Casting
starring Joel Kinnaman, Mireille Enos, Esme Creed-Miles,
with Ursula Werner, Benno Fürmann, Katharina Heyer, Narges Rashidi, Stefan Rudolf and many more


award winning BLIND & UGLY showing now in Germany

21.09.2017, 10:15

Feature Film Blind & Hässlich wins the Fipresci Award at the 35th Munich Filmfestival 2017

17.07.2017, 18:32

The Critics Jury focused on the series of New German Films.
The motivation for “Blind & Ugly”:
“Dealing with a sensitive subject, the jury awards its price to a third feature by a promising young author, who co-wrote, co-produced, directed and starred in this film. The jury applauds the balance between drama, comedy and romance, and the great casting.”


19.06.2017, 13:12

We cast young Berlin based actresses for a US independent feature film who fit the following profile:

Filipina actress,
age: early to mid 20s,
intellectual, self confident, feisty,
native English and/or Tagalog speaker,

Shedule: 1 shooting day between 3rd – 31st.July 2017 in Berlin

Please send your application including photos, cv and contact details via email until 25th of June 2017 to:
( subject of your email: application | Filipina actress Berlin )

Please understand that we will only be contacting those applicants who might be a good fit for the role.


08.06.2017, 11:13

Copyright: SHPN3 Filmproduktion


CAST: Naomi Achternbusch, Tom Lass, Clara Schramm, Dimitri Stapfer, Peter Marty, Eva Löbau, Katharina Bellena, Franziska Breite, Bea Brocks, Anna Brüggemann, Julius Feldmeier, Robert Gallinowski, Moritz Grove, Robert Gwisdek, Karin Hanczewski, Paula D. Koch, Naomi Krauss, Dorothee Krüger, Frank Künster, Jakob Lass, Lola Lightning, Sulaika Lindemann, Petra Niermeier, Fabian Passamonte, Julian Rabus, Sarina Radomski, Axel Ranisch, Zdenek Rybak, Cornelius Schwalm, Martina Schöne-Radunski, Emilia von Heiseler

SCREENPLAY: Ilinca Florian, Tom Lass
FILM EDITOR: Tom Lass, Daniel Hacker, Maja Tennstedt
PRODUCER: Lasse Scharpen
CO-PRODUCER: Menno Döring, Tom Lass
COMPOSER: Leonard Petersen
CASTING: Ana Dávila
PRODUCTION DESIGNER: Paola Yanarella & Angela Ribera
SOUND: Valentin Finke, Johannes Schmelzer-Ziringer, Henning Hein
TV CHANNEL: Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)

new work on air | Bergfilm Music Video | Nostalgic Love

25.04.2017, 16:13

NOSTALGIC LOVE, beautiful music video for Bergfilm
directed by Joscha Bongard
produced by Le Bêrg in Association with Iconoclast Germany

coming soon: Blind & Ugly

25.03.2017, 19:58


2017 | Feature Film 100′
He´s ugly. She´s blind. The perfect match!

directed by Tom Lass
produced by: SHPN3 / ZDF
distribution: daredo

​World Premiere TBA.

Award and Nominations for short film MY BAKERY BLOSSOM:

24.03.2017, 20:35
directed by Michel Vrinten
produced by Kinescope

Award for Best Romantic Short / IIPM Festival /2017

Best Film, Best Director and Audience Award / Sup’ de Courts European Short Film Festival Paris / 2017
Best Foreign Short Film, Best Supporting Actress / Laura Berlin / Twister Alley International Filmfestival / 2017

new work on air : Sparkasse / Buzz / TVC

07.03.2017, 16:33


directed by Ian Ruschel
produced by Iconoclast

new work on air : Audi Select / TVC

17.02.2017, 19:48

directed by Parker Ellerman
produced by Czar
casting germany by ana dávila casting

new work on air: Telekom / Family Card / TVC

31.01.2017, 16:49



directed by Simon Verhoeven
produced by Czar

new work on air : Playstation Battlefront / The Return / TVC

28.01.2016, 19:55

directed by Lance Acord
produced by Park Pictures
casting germany by ana dávila casting

new work on air: Axe / Find Your Magic / TVC

15.01.2016, 17:28


directed by François Rousselet
produced by divisionparis & triggerhappyproductions
casting germany by ana dávila casting