Broadcast Note | New Work on Air “PUSH”

Since March 1st 2024, all 6 episodes of the new ZDFneo series PUSH are available in the ZDF media library.
Give it up for the MIDWIFES!

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The series PUSH was produced on behalf of ZDFneo by Bantry Bay Productions in cooperation with NPO, SVT, VRT, DR, NRK, YLE and RUV and is a project of “New 8”, the largest European alliance for the co-production of series to date.


Directors: Katja Benrath, Mia Meyer
Creator & Headwriter: Luisa Hardenberg
Production: Jochen Cremer, Marie-Therese Dalke, Bantry Bay Productions GmbH

Starring: Anna Schudt, Mariam Hage, Lydia Amasko, Idil Üner, Katja Hutko, Katia Fellin, André Kaczmarczyk a.m.m.





“The midwife series “PUSH” shows women giving birth and births in a true-to-life way, hurray!
It’s about a central part of the female experience in a way that is rarely told.
Series creator and screenwriter Luisa Hardenberg, who grew up as the daughter of two gynecologists
was advised by a real midwife, who later also assisted the actresses.
When Hardenberg presented her series idea for the first time, she looked into predominantly male, predominantly perplexed faces.
Can you really talk about it for several episodes?
You can. You could even add a second season. “Push” would be the way to go.” (Elisa Britzelmeier, Süddeutsche Zeitung)


“Hospital series are a dime a dozen, but “Push” is something special – and not just on the production side.
The content of the ZDFneo production is also radical and maximally authentic. The makers have achieved their self-declared goal.”
(Timo Niemeier on